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Whether you rent or own your own property there are always tasks that will need to be done around the home.

You may be working on the latest ‘honey-do’ list or you may be tackling a project you have had on your mind for a long time. There are some tools that can be kept on hand that will make these tasks much easier to accomplish. These tools are also nice to have on hand for some of the simple maintenance tasks that are always needed around the home. We will look at five of the most common power tools that need to be included in any home tool shed or closet.

No. 1 The Power Drill

The power drill is by far the number one tool that should be found in any home power tool collection. One of the most common power drills is the cordless power drill. Power drills that are rated between 14 to 18 volts are the most common cordless drills used. Cordless drills make tasks like drilling holes for anchors and small tasks like hanging pictures very convenient because they are always charged up and ready to go without having to pull out a long and bulky extension cord. The fact that you can take them where there are no electrical points make them hugely convenient.

No. 2 The Circular Saw

A circular saw is a common and simple way to make the cuts you need in wood, plastic or other materials around the home. These saws usually are found in the most common size of 7 ¼”. If you are hanging shelving in a closet or building outside furniture or patio equipment the circular saw is more than strong enough for any household task. Cordless circular saws are also available but they do not have the cutting power that an electric circular saw can offer.

No. 3 The Jigsaw

If you are cutting wood that needs to be cut into intricate designs, you will need a jigsaw. Jigsaws are also used for crafting because they are light and easy to operate. Make sure you look for a jigsaw that has a variable speed control. The best variable control is operated by depressing the trigger. This trigger works a lot like the gas pedal on a car. Be sure to use the right jigsaw blade designed to cut the materials you are cutting.

No. 4 The Variable Speed Rotary Drill

If you are a serious DIY-er, there may come a time where you must sand iron filigree or small crafting task as well as polishing jury. This tool is essential for crafters, and it’s very versatile for the homeowner. It can drill, carve, route, grind, clean, and polish, and is light enough to use with delicate tasks. There are some excellent cordless offerings for this type of drill as well.

No. 5 The Sander

There is always a need for a sander around the home. A small palm sander is very handy when it comes to sanding down outdoors items that will need to be repainted. Orbital sanders and ¼ sanders are the most common sanders to have on hand. There are several different grit types of sandpaper that can be used with these sanders. Overall, they make the task of getting to that smooth finish speedy.

So, there you have the most common and essential power tools that you need in your home to help with DIY tasks. Some of them may seem a bit scary to use at first if you aren’t used to them, but take your time and you’ll soon master them.