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Wouldn’t be nice, would it? That’s why every new home or home extension must meet the National House Building Council Standards.

It really doesn’t matter what type of construction or building work you have under way, you’ll want to make sure it’s built using the highest quality workmanship and materials. It’s not just about money but also safety, and this is where the National House Building Council (NHBC) comes into play. The NHBC is the regulating body for building and construction standards for homes in Great Britain.

It’s obvious but worth noting why. Imagine if every builder built or extended the homes on your road any how they liked. Walls, windows, plumbing, electricals and everything else would look haphazard, and likely be hazardous too. So, you need an independent body that checks the work a builder does on your behalf to make sure it’s of a suitable standard.

The NHBC doesn’t regulate the standard for new homes alone. Whether it’s a loft conversion, extension, disable adaptation or anything else you’re having done, the agency will strive to uphold the same strict standards to make sure the construction quality of your building work remains high. When these standards are met you’ll know your construction work is safe and fit for purpose. So, how does the NHBC go about upholding standards on your behalf? Let’s take a look.

Industry Leading Warranty

Firstly, there’s the warranty. The NHBC is the leading warranty provider for homes in Great Britain so once you have a warranty you know you’re adequately protected. Established in 1936, the NHBC currently serves over 1.6 million homes with a market share of approximately 80 per cent, so pretty impressive. Over the history of the NHBC they have provided warranties for around 30 per cent of the total existing homes in the UK. This could add up to as many as 7 million homes. This is provided from a warranty insurance that has been developed from over 75 years of technical knowledge and experience.

Independent, non-profit distributing

The agency invests in the purpose of raising standards to improve the quality of UK house building without any investors. There aren’t any shareholders to please. Instead, the NHBC works with government and stakeholders as an authority in the housing industry. This allows them to be active in the research and development to make sure you, as a home owner, receives the quality workmanship and products you’ve invested lin.

Setting the standards for new home construction

To be able to sell homes that will be covered by the NHBC Buildmark cover your builder must be registered with the agency, just as we are. Builders must agree to comply with the NHBC standards. These standards cover very strict technical requirements for the design of the new home as well as the materials and workmanship employed. Each builder is closely monitored and audited to be sure they possess the competence necessary to hold the standards high.

Technical support and guidance

Each registered builder and developer can rely on the NHBC to provide the technical support and help they will need during the various stages of construction. With the technical help and support the NHBC provides you can be sure the builder you are using will have the research needed to help him overcome any problems when the regulations and standards of the industry may challenge him.

We all know how important quality control is. It ensures you and your family feel safe, secure and comfortable in your new home, extension, loft conversion or disable adaptation. No amount of short cut in skill, pricing or materials is worth compromising on that. Therefore, whatever building work you are having done, make sure the contractor you are working with is registered with and abides by the NHBC standards.