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No matter how big or small our families there’s always a reason to create new storage space. We are continually putting things away for several different reasons. Perhaps our children grow older and move on but we do not want to get rid of some of the precious possessions they have accumulated over the years. Maybe we need storage because we are seasonal and want to put away winter materials and break out the summer needs. Regardless of the reason there is always the question of “Where are we going to put all this stuff?” There are a few simple things that can be done to squeeze out a little more storage area in the areas that we have available in our homes. We will take a short look at some of these places and what can be done to create a little more storage.

Organising space in the closet

Begin in the standard closets you have in your home. Most of these closets are located in the bedroom areas of your home. As the family grows and the children begin to move away empty rooms are created. You can easily create more storage area in the closets of these empty rooms without compromising the sleep area of the room. Today, organisation is the key. You can visit your local building superstore and you will find a section where you can put together wire rack combinations to fit your closet organisation needs. These wire racks can be configured in many different combinations to help you get the most from your closets.

Your garage

Most of the garages that we have in our homes are used for storage instead of what a garage is intended for. I know this from experience. Today there are overhead storage racks as well as many different types of storage cabinets that can be added to any garage to help create storage area so you can use the garage for what it was intended to be used for. Not only will these racks and cabinets help to organise and create storage space they will also create a great looking addition to any carport or garage.

Loft or attic

The building techniques and architecture of today’s taller roofs are very common. The attics and lofts of some of our homes are a great place to create an ample amount of storage area. Take a look into your attic or loft to see if there is extra space available for storage. In a lot of cases you will find that during the construction of your home there were walk spaces and areas of the attics that have been floored with some type of plywood or board. This is a great way to take advantage of extra storage spaces. If you have space in the attic but it was not covered with plywood or flooring this can easily be done to create the extra space in your attic or loft.

No matter what type of storage you have a need of there’s always a way to create just a little more space. Happy storing!